Fildo For PC Download 2020 (Step By Step installation Guide)

Fildo For PC : Music. A very influential form of art that is not only meant to entertain but also useful in other aspects. For instance, music is what helps us disconnect from the world around us and enjoy our own company. When walking alone, music is always there to keep us company. When we are low in spirits, what lifts up our moods? You got it right, music. That is why, for most of us, the earphone piece is a basic need. Earphones are always a packing essential that we never forget before leaving the house.

However, there is always that one major challenge that faces all music geeks; lack of enough storage space on their devices. It proves to be a challenge to store every single song that a person prefers, on the device, due to lack of enough space. In such cases, what can music lovers do? This is where the Fildo app comes in.

What is Fildo App?

The Fildo app is an application that connects people with the music around the world. It allows for the downloading and streaming of all types of music. The Fildo app consists of a wide range of music collection as well as discographies. With this application, a person can download any music of their choice, with great ease.

Before, Fildo app was basically designed for only Android users. However, with the advancing technology, Fildo app has been developed for other users such as Windows, Xbox and Windows Phone.

The main advantage about the Fildo app is that one can stream and download their favorite music, from anywhere and anytime. It is different from the other music applications in that no monthly or yearly subscriptions are charged for using the Fildo app. The other difference is that while other music applications consist of own playlists, the Fildo app rather has a collection of music files, obtained from different platforms and brought at one place. A person can, then, create their own playlists from just simple clicks.

This application contains an inbuilt search feature. A person can search for any music through this search feature. It, also, uses less storage and music that is downloaded can be saved directly to the device. And, especially for Window’s PCs, it is easy to get frequent upgrades.

Features of Fildo Application

The Fildo application consists of cool features that give it its high popularity among music geeks. The following are the main features of this music streaming and downloading app;

  • The Fildo app is an entirely free application; no subscription fees are charged
  • It provides a big collection of music, from all over the world, in just a single app
  • A person has the opportunity to create their own playlists
  • The Fildo app provides both lyrics and video services, such that one can sing along
  • Music can be downloaded and stored offline, such that one can still play the songs even without an Internet connection
  • Fildo app can run in the background. Therefore, a person can even use other applications, while still using Fildo
  • Fildo application takes less storage space
  • The application has a search engine feature, where one can search for songs using the titles, artist names, names of albums or genres.
  • Music playing on the Fildo app can be controlled from the notification bar
  • Playing any song on the Fildo app mutes all notifications, so you don’t get any disturbances while listening to your music
  • When playing a song on the Fildo app, the next song coming up is displayed on the screen. A person can, therefore, change the song or let it play, according to their preference.

How to Install Fildo For PC

Installing the Fildo app is quite simple on a Window’s PC. It can be done in two methods;

  • From the Windows store
  • From BlueStacks.

1.) Installing Fildo App on a Window’s PC From Windows store

This method is only applicable for PCs that run Windows 10 and above. For those computers that use any Windows versions below 10, this installation method won’t work. You could, rather, try out the second installation method.

Follow the following steps to download the Fildo app on your Windows PC from Windows store. However, note that; this being the Lite Fildo Version, some features available in the Android version will be missing.

  • From the Microsoft store, you can install the app Flite radio

Droid Tech Buzz

  • Then, click on the button that says ‘Get the app

Droid Tech Buzz

  • When you click this button, a pop-up will arise
  • Click on the Open Microsoft store. This action will lead you to the Store that is available for your Window’s PC
  • Click the ‘Get’ button. The app should now begin installing. This process might take some few minutes for it to complete

  • After it has installed, tap on the ‘Launch’ button. This action will open the Flite Radio App

That’s it. The Fildo for pc has now been downloaded on your Window’s PC. You can now use the app to download and stream your favorite music.

2.) Installing Fildo For PC From BlueStacks

BlueStacks works as an Android emulator for Window’s PC. When installed on a computer, it makes it possible to successfully run any Android apps on the PC. BlueStacks also provide same full-screened views as seen on the Android devices. All you are required to do is download BlueStacks on your PC, then install the Fildo app on the BlueStacks.

After downloading BlueStacks on your PC, follow the following steps to install the Fildo app on BlueStacks;

  • First, make sure that your Window’s PC has enough storage space for downloading the Fildo app
  • Launch BlueStacks on your Window’s PC. If it’s your very first time using BlueStacks, you will be required to sign in using your Google ID

fildo pc BlueStacks

  • From the browser, download the Fildo app the APK file version
  • The Apk file can be found in your windows downloads.

fildo apk

  • Search for the Fildo APK file, then double click it

fildo app for pc

  • On clicking, you will be prompted to install. Click install
  • The Fildo app will then begin installing on the PC. The process can take a few minutes

fildo pc

  • And, that’s just it. After installation, you can now begin using the Fildo for pc.

fildo app pc


Are you a music geek? Or, are you looking for unlimited music streaming and downloading on your device? Then look no further, because Fildo app is just the application for you. With Fildo app, you can enjoy all your favorite music, with no strings attached. Use the steps explained above, download Fildo for pc and use it on your PC without any problems. May you enjoy the best music experience with Fildo app, like you’ve never experienced before!

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