Why Xiaomi POCO F1 Is so cheap ?

The low pricing of these Chinese phones, in general, depends on various reasons

1) Using  Affordable Materials

Xiaomi POCO phone is made up of plastic which is not so premium, unlike the metal and glass back. It has got the previous generation gorilla glass 3 unlike the latest gorilla glass 6. The display on this POCO phone is IPS LCD panel which is not that premium when compared to AMOLED and SUPER AMOLED

2) maintaining Cheap labors

As we all know  that China has world’s largest population but not only population China has some of the lowest labor costs in the world which lead these Chinese manufacturers to build their smartphones lot cheaper by paying low labor charges

xiaomi poco f1

3) Including Some sponsored apps

Another reason why POCO phone is cheaper because of xiaomi including the various apps apart from necessary apps, hence those apps companies, pay them for preinstalling their apps on a brand new device

4) Selling accessories

As we have discussed Chinese manufacturers generally have a very low-profit margin for smartphone sales, so they often sell accessories to restore the loss gained by smartphones with very low-profit margin. The most common accessories are power banks headphones, phone covers, but some manufacturers, such as Xiaomi, even sell shoes and slippers
In some areas

5) Clever Advertising

Have you ever seen an advertisement on your TV regarding the latest flagship launched by xiaomi  or a physical store to buy the latest flagship launched by xiaomi ? no you haven’t and in fact it is damn difficult to buy even online due to those crazy flash sales, this is because Xiaomi spends only a very small fraction of money when compared to Samsung, Apple, and all other big brands spend on marketing and advertisement and hence this allows them to maintain an affordable price tag for their products. And also  They basically rely on social media and word of mouth to spread its brand which is very important factor of becoming a successful company

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